Specific Advantages of the Psychology Program at Jacobs University

In the last century, many different sub-disciplines of psychology have appeared, with ever growing specialization within these. The largest professional association in psychology in the world lists over 50 divisions, from behavioral neuroscience and cognitive science to international psychology! The Psychology program at Jacobs not only provides a solid foundation in important areas of psychology, but also counters the fractions within psychology by underscoring the importance of the bigger picture.
The core framework of the Jacobs BA in Psychology is a multi-level approach that covers biological constraints and an understanding of neuroscience as well as individual mental processes such as perception and memory, and how these processes are shaped by the social and cultural context. In addition to analyzing these different levels separately, we also explore how they relate to one another. Naturally, this framework touches on other disciplines: the natural sciences (biology, biochemistry) as well as the social sciences (sociology, political science). Beyond this multi-layered and connected approach, the BA program in Psychology at Jacobs focuses specifically on diversity and its inherent possibilities of cooperation and conflict, between individuals as well as within and between groups, organizations, and societies.

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