“What is Psychology?”

Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behavior. Studying psychology can help you understand yourself and other people by learning about how we think, feel and behave. It is one of the most popular majors among college students all over the world. A psychology degree provides excellent job prospects in a wide range of careers and a strong academic foundation for further studies.

“Why Psychology at Jacobs?”

The BA Psychology program is the flagship program in the focus area DIVERSITY at Jacobs University. It provides a well-founded basis for understanding human behavior by applying a multi-layered approach. We seek to understand people as biological, social, and cultural beings. We cover neuroscience and individual mental processes, such as perception and memory, as well as how these processes are shaped by the immediate social surrounding as well as broader cultural context. Psychology at Jacobs University received excellent evaluations in the CHE Ranking 2013.

The MSc Psychology program (bilingual: German and English) deepens your understanding across three areas of specialization: clinical and health psychology, organizational and industrial psychology, and intercultural psychology. We focus on the aspect of culture across all these areas.

Special features of studying Psychology at Jacobs University:

  • Small classes with enthusiastic faculty
  • Early research involvement with lab and field experience
  • Transdisciplinary teaching and research
  • Personal mentoring by professors
  • Excellent placement of our Bachelor students, eg. Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Columbia University, and many more)
  • Truly international environment (more than 100 nations on campus)
  • Campus-based university with exciting social life